Famous Internet Marketer Does It Again . . .

                “It's Deal Time!”

Kelvin Brown, The "Famous Internet Marketer,"
Has Just Changed The Way You Use Autoresponders

Discover The Best  Autoresponder 
Deal On The Internet

From: Kelvin Brown, "The Famous Internet Marketer"
To: All Value-Conscious Online Business Owners
Subject: A Superior Deal On Powerful Autoresponders

You can have 20 powerful, easy-to-use autoresponders at your instant disposal five minutes from now. 

Price won't be an issue. You can afford this easily. Your competitors can, too, so there's really no time to waste. The only question is whether you'll use this versatile autoresponder system to give your profits a powerful and long-lasting boost. 

Imagine having the ability to forge long-lasting, personal relationships with customers worldwide.

Imagine getting to know them better and tailoring your autoresponder messages to meet their precise needs. Imagine having the ability not only to address them by name, but also to showcase offers that speak to their personal interests.

You're probably acquainted with Internet Marketers who use a scattershot, one-size-fits-all approach. Perhaps they simply type a message and press "Send," paying no attention to targeting while hoping against hope they'll be able to extract a few sales from a broadcast.

That approach works only if you have a big list and the advantages of scale — two things ordinary Internet Marketers lack. Smaller marketers who use the shotgun approach don't have a prayer of competing effectively. 

You've probably been on the receiving end of the shotgun approach. Ever get the notion that the marketer who's sending you all those emails doesn't have a clue about who you are and what makes you tick? 

Our autoresponder system gives you the power to understand your customers and build relationships one at a time. Find out what makes customers tick and invite them into your sales funnel. 

"Tailoring features are impressive. . . ."

"I'm using Followup101.com to build responsive lists and get to know my customers better. The tailoring features are impressive. Kelvin Brown, the 'Famous Internet Marketer,' is offering an extremely cost-effective service that provides customers the tools they need to become better marketers. His customer service is top-notch -- and the systems are easy to use."

Patrick Pretty


Today is the day you can seize the power to develop multiple lists and communicate with customers based on demographics and their unique interests.

You even can make offers based on where a customer lives, enabling recipients to respond to offers tailored exclusively for them. 

Our autoresponder gives you the optional power to insert up to 20 customized questions in convenient drop-down boxes. You'll have the option of using our forms to learn customers' preferences like never before!

"Better price and MUCH better
 customer service . . ."

"Your service is as good as all the "biggies" 
 at a better price and a MUCH better customer service. I highly recommend your service to anyone needing autoresponders  which is anyone wanting to do business online!"

Jimmy D. Brown
This message is from 2002

A Commitment To Excellence

We pride ourselves on offering the personal touch. It's true 
we're not among the "biggies." But that's by design. We're comfortable with our size. We don't need to be big to be happy.

But now it's time to expand on a closely controlled basis. This means a great deal for you. Once we've reached our target number of new customers, we'll remove this offer. Becoming a behemoth is simply not in the cards for us.

Here's who we're reaching out to:

Special Autoresponder Offer From followup100.com Beginners, Advanced and Intermediate Internet Marketers who want to take advantage of the best autoresponder deal on the Internet.
best autoresponder deal Customers who have autoresponder accounts elsewhere who want to ensure their "eggs aren't all in one basket."
cheapest autoresponder service Price-conscious consumers, including customers looking for a solution that has no monthly fee.
followup101 Kelvin Brown Internet marketers looking for a tailored autoresponder solution that uses customer data to make more sales.
autoresponder for $7 Secrets Marketers who use the $7 Secrets, Rapid Action Profits or other scripts to deliver products to customers, build Affiliate programs and get paid instantly. Our system is easy to employ with delivery scripts.
How do I get an autoresponder? Writers, editors, designers, teachers, professors, lawyers, doctors, sales people and retail/wholesale businesses of all sorts  — any person who needs to  create messages and respond to inquiries though the use of labor-saving automation.

"I appreciated the phone call during the one problem I had that couldn't be solved with one or two emails."

Hi Kelvin,

I just wanted to thank you for the new service.

I admit I've tried the other services in hopes the hype was true and I'd get more signups and more email delivered, but experience and testing has shown me that any difference I might enjoy is offset by the higher price!

In four years of using your service, I have never had a situation where my email couldn't be delivered because the site was down, and I'm extremely impressed by your "hands on " approach to customer service.

I can't tell you how much I appreciated the phone call during the one problem I had that couldn't be solved with one or two emails. That told me then how much you care about your business and your people!

I also love the new interface with everything I need on one page so I don't have to run all over to find the function I need at the time.

Oh yeah, before I close, be sure and let me know when you get the new "Pre-Written Autoresponders" online. I want to be at the head of the line to sign up!

I've been a customer of yours since 2003, and I'm not going anywhere! You're stuck with me for life!

Best regards,
Michael Worthington

 You Have Control Of The Message

Get started on the right foot if you're an Internet Marketing novice. Take your business to the next level if you're a marketing professional. Our customizable service is dynamic and versatile, placing a powerful tool at your fingertips.

The screenshot below is from our back office. Notice just a few of the management tools. You'll have one-click access to all of these functions and more.

followup101.com back office management

Your personal relationship with customers begins immediately after a new subscriber enters his or her name and email address in our form. Customers are redirected to a "Thank You" page on your server and addressed by name.

They'll get instructions to look for a confirmation email. Once they confirm, they're quickly routed to another page that thanks them for opting-in.

Included in this offer are a "Thank You" page and "Confirmation" page you can edit easily to personalize your first greeting to your new customer or subscriber. Personalization of their names are made possible by a small piece of code you easily can copy and paste into the html of your "Thank You" and "Confirmation" pages.

Simply enter a test name and email address into the form below. (We are not collecting this data. This form is for demonstration purposes only.)

Sample autoresponder - form has been disabled.
First Name:
E-Mail Address:

What is your favorite forum?:

Do you consider yourself an Internet Marketer?

How long have you been a Warrior Forum member?

Have you ever run a WSO?


An Incredible Bargain

 Purchase today and you'll get 20 autoresponders, each capable of sending up to 22 messages.

  • Move subscribers from one autoresponder to another
  • Customise thank you and confirmation pages
  • Backup subscriber list with simple copy and paste
  • Many more standard options
  • And my personal favorite; from the sample above, use the autoresponder's built in survey options to gather their responses, and then respond to them based on their own input. There is no better way to target your list, than by using the info they provide.


No programming knowledge is required to use our service. There is nothing to install. You'll be up and running quickly. Spend a little time tailoring the pages included with this incredible package. Tell customers who you are and give them a personal greeting and important instructions the moment they arrive on your "Thank You" page.

Take advantage of our targeting and demographic tools to learn as much as possible about your customers and subscribers. Develop multiple lists. Perform split-mailings. Place you offers in front of customers who've already told you what they like to see.

All this power is yours today for only $10.00 per month. Your package will be delivered automatically to your inbox. You can order this service even if it's 2 a.m. Delivery is quick.

Take action now. This offer is for a limited time. It will be pulled once we've reached our target number of new customers, so don't delay.

Kelvin Brown, "The Famous Internet Marketer" And Owner Of FollowUp101.com.

Kelvin Brown Famous Internet Marketer
Kelvin Brown

"I back my autoresponder service with quality customer support. You won't find a better combination of price, power and support anywhere online.

"Your back office at FollowUp101.com is rich with features to enable you to forge long-lasting, personal relationships with customers. Our personalization tools help you tailor your messages and target them precisely, meaning you can direct them to precise audience segments.

"And because our forms permit you the option of asking specific questions and gathering unique data, you'll know your customers better than most Internet Marketers and be able to serve them more efficiently and effectively."

Kelvin Brown
The "Famous Internet Marketer"
Owner Of FollowUp101.com

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